Best LCD Monitor to buy for Nucore?

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Best LCD Monitor to buy for Nucore?

Post by mummite » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:47 pm

Hey all,

Planning on upgrading to Nucore and just waiting for them to get back in stock. In the meantime I am going to buy the LCD monitor and mounting brackets so I am all ready. What is the best current monitor to buy?

thanks for any info :)


Doug Piranha
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Re: Best LCD Monitor to buy for Nucore?

Post by Doug Piranha » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:44 am ... B002BZA54S

I was looking at this one, is this one ok?

I am building a Nucore set up as well :-)

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Re: Best LCD Monitor to buy for Nucore?

Post by Walt » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:26 am

I'm not going to proclaim that it's the best, but I'm using this one that I got from CompUSA (Tiger Direct): ... CatId=2775

Also, if you can use a hack-saw and a drill, you can make a mount for the LCD panel in about 20 minutes.

I bought a 4-foot length of aluminum angle from Home Depot and cut it into two pieces that span the monitor opening (left to right). Then it was just a matter of drilling four holes in each angle: two at the far ends, to screw into the cabinet wood (hold the angle pieces in place), and two spaced 75mm apart, centered (to screw into the back side of the monitor).

I also bought some dark fabric and self-adheasive velcro 'dots' to make a light shield to keep light from the translight from leaking around the monitor.

Super simple, and total cost less than $20 (for aluminum, a few screws, the fabric and velcro).

I used the original CRT bracket for other purposes. First, I cut it right above where the flourescent tube mounts, so it still holds the bulb in the original location but only off of the front mounting holes (plenty strong to just hold the bulb).

I took the rest of the CRT mount and with some rebending, some cutting and a little welding I made a cradle for my PC, which I now access from the back of the machine instead of through the translite. This way, I was able to fit a 'full size' pc back there, which I had laying around that met all of the Nucore performance requirements.

That meant I also didn't have to wait for Nucore to get in stock. PC's that meet the requirements are readily available and pretty cheap, but too big to fit in the original location. But with an LCD monitor, there is plenty of room for a full size PC to fit if you just build a little platform to hold it above the monitor.

I can easily get to the back of my machine. This wouldn't be a good idea if that's not the case for anyone else.

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