POLL: Pay for a video converter or replace monitor?

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Which monitor solution would you choose (read details below first)

19" computer crt
Original monitor with converter
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Re: POLL: Pay for a video converter or replace monitor?

Post by mickster » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:31 pm

Chuck wrote:
mickster wrote:One of the reasons you most likely didn't get any complaints (and the reason some seem so quick to jump to LCD) is that most people don't know how to adjust colors on a monitor to begin with. They just crank up the brightness/contrast to be as bright as possible (just like most tvs are misadjusted in the stores to show an incorrect over bright image). You will get a blank stare from most when you talk about Gamma, oversaturation, black level, etc..... As far as not getting any complaints and people are happy with the lcd, you really didn't have a setup to compare what people were actually looking at. If you know what you are looking for (or have a side to side comparison). You really start to see the differences. Also correct black level helps with the pinball part of the game, not the 'holo' part. (explanation below)
Chuck wrote:This is absolutely correct. Most people don't know how to tweak a crt to get the best possible picture. Also most people should never attempt to try and re-cap a crt board. So if a monitor is bad, which most are, it should be replaced anyway.

Why not use a LCD?
1) its not original looking as far as tube style/shape
2) You still have to tweak any display to make it proper (lcd/crt/etc)
3) A new crt monitor is only $140 if you don't want to repair your old one.
4) Any electronics/tv shop can do a cap kit if its above a persons skill
level. If its not above your skill level its $8 in parts
5) its not original as far as the display image, sorta gives a pinball 2000 that 'mame' look.
6) You can't swap your old pinball 2000 computer back in the game
7) black level could be an issue due to backlighting of lcds (though I have not personally tested many lcds to see if this is an issue)

Is LCD better tech? absolutely. Problem is I don't want to play the 'best tech'. I want to a play a pinball 2000 machine that was manufactured in 1999. I realize it can't always be 100% original, but the closer I can stay with that is what I personally prefer.

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Re: POLL: Pay for a video converter or replace monitor?

Post by Chuck » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:15 pm


The problems we were having with the arcade vga adapter were caused by the OS. We have moved to a different OS version and are experiencing no issues. The alpha testers are testing it now and if all goes well it will probably be our solution. Nice thing is if you later decide to go LCD you can use the same card. I'll keep you posted.

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Re: POLL: Pay for a video converter or replace monitor?

Post by ChadTower » Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:18 pm

I disagree that LCD is a better tech. It's a more convenient tech. It is impossible to repair, has an inferior picture, and has no data to prove it is anywhere near as reliable long term. Note that isn't an argument against using them - I just dispute the assertion that because it is newer it is inherently better.

Chuck, that's awesome news. The arcadeVGA is a pretty decent card.

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Re: POLL: Pay for a video converter or replace monitor?

Post by Subarubrat » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:27 pm

NICE! I will go that route as I have a nice bright monitor. I will probably throw in a borrowed 22 LCD and see how it looks, maybe it is better looking, maybe not.

That point made above is a valid one, LCDs have little long term data. Short term they seem pretty solid. But I can point to the Microvision game system that has rotting LCDs and yet CRTs of that era are generally good or repairable. My 1971 Computer Space has its original monitor. Then again maybe LCDs will be as good as new in 40 years. Either way the arcade VGA fits the bill.

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