Update on Nucore Case

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Would you buy a custom Nucore case?

Yes, I would pay up to $130 for one
I'm more interested in a mount for existing cases (some assembly required)
Total votes: 9

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Update on Nucore Case

Post by Chuck » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:18 pm

We've gone down two different options for the case and have a pricing estimate on a custom Nucore case. This case would be similar to the original except it would take a new motherboard and have a mount for a drive. It would be an exact fit for the existing mounting bracket. Powedercoating is an option. A very rough estimate on the price is $130 with no power supply. As I initially thought making a low quantity run of a computer case would be expensive and I was right. The question is would you be interested in such a case? The $130 estimate is on a very low run quantity. We may be able to reduce the price by taking pre-orders and hopefully getting a decent quantity. Please post your thoughts. If no one wants them we won't have them made. If a few people want them they will be in the $130 range. If a lot of people want them we may be able to get a quantity discount. We will either have these built or have a new mounting system custom made that will use a standard case and a new mount (it would be less expensive when you add a standard case.)

Please vote and post thoughts here.


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