Requests following the Expo audio

Submit any ideas for the project here.
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What option would you buy if Wizard Blocks was offered

Option 1, Unassembled playfield and software, see below
Option 2, Assembled playfield and software, see below
Option 3, Complete machine, see below
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Requests following the Expo audio

Post by Subarubrat » Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:08 am

I just listened to the segment on pinball news from pinball expo. If you haven't heard this yet and you own a P2K you really should, not only is it a really good story that perhaps might evolve into Tilt 2 it is a full seminar that answers many of the questions that I have had and wouldn't have had to repeat had I heard that discussion.

That said. I found the idea of Nucore and Gene working together to release Wizard blocks to be a very solid one. Being able to use the same PC, board and harness (assuming the connectors are still available) makes the job really just the production of a playfield and then that whole software completion with all of its attendant ifs. In the course of considering such a project all I can do as a P2K owner at this point is to help answer the question, would anyone buy it. I know the issue is further down the road than getting Nucore in my RFM but if Big Guys and Gene discuss such a project and wonder what people would buy I can speak for myself.

What would I like to see and what would I buy in a Wizard Blocks release?

Option 1
-Sort of a DIY kit that would prevent Gene from having to go through what he did to produce Big Bang Bar. Also, as a nuts and bolts guy I would prefer it to an assembled product. I build my own airplanes (real) from plans, I like pieces parts.

Software distribution
Wiring diagram
Playfield with artwork, inserts, clearcoat and holes (hardware ready)
Hardware pack (posts, screws, bolts, nuts, etc.)
Ramps, targets, solenoids, spotlamps, plastics etc.

Option 2
-More of a get it and play it 30 min later.

Software distribution
Assembled playfield ready to plug and play

Option 3
Complete Wizard Blocks machine, plug and play.

What would I buy? Option 1 would be my first choice for allot of reasons. Costs would be lower, it would be more likely to happen because the production part is massively reduced, and it would be more hands on. Option 2 would be something I would almost certainly do in the absence of Option 1 unless the price was just unreasonable. Option 3 would be a tough sell for me. I saw (and respected) what all went into Big Bang Bar but at the end of the day I just couldn't bring myself to buy into one because as great as it was I could buy several equally compelling games in great condition for the same price. I have bought NIB Sterns and am prepared to spend the money on a pinball, but I still compare what I get. If I saw that Wizard Blocks was coming out for 6k I would have to consider that I could get a Twilight Zone, Pinbot, SWE1, and an Adams Family for the same money.

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Re: Requests following the Expo audio

Post by woodlouse » Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:22 pm

If it ever happens...and its a massive if, I vote for a DIY kit of parts. I'd love to assemble a brand new playfield - lots of lovely soldering. And then the moment of truth as you fire it up for the first time and pray that it doesn't all just burst into flames...oooh the excitement.

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Re: Requests following the Expo audio

Post by applejuice » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:37 am

Option 1 would be so so good :) The ultimate pinball project. Man i hope this happens one day, i'd pre-order right now if i could :):)

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Re: Requests following the Expo audio

Post by ChadTower » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:59 pm

Entirely depends on price for me. In order of preference, though, absent any prices, I'd go #2 or #1. Can't say I would do #3 unless the price made it irresistable.

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