Nucore Debian package for Lubuntu 18.04

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Nucore Debian package for Lubuntu 18.04

Post by zag » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:49 am

i made two Nucore Debian packages for Lubuntu 18.04. One package contains the Nucore files from the official releases (CD version, 2.25, 2.25.3r) and the other the Lubuntu configuration files.

Download: ... NccAa?dl=0

Installation: (see also )

- Download the 32bit version of Lubuntu 18.04 ... p-i386.iso

- Connect the pc to the internet

- Boot your pc from the CD or a USB stick and install Lubuntu. During installation create the user nucore with the password nucore

- After the installation login as user nucore with the password nucore

- Download the Nucore Debian packages and install them.

- Copy your RFM and SWEP1 roms and firmware to the nucore installation - don't ask me for the roms. These are old Nucore files, which are not avaiable from bigguys anymore.

- Reboot

- Right click on the desktop opens a little start menu. Select File Manager and go to nucore - scripts

Double click on to enable the autostart of Nucore after booting Lubuntu.

The scripts: startscript for 15 khz disables autostart of nucore enables autostart of nucore enables the original 15 khz CRT monitor. CRT infos see below. *1 disables 15 khz startscript for nucore.

Execute the script in a terminal for testing.

You can exit Nucore with the "," key to return to the desktop!

- During the first Nucore start you have to accept the license agreement - press both action buttons.

If Nucore crashes while starting, reboot the pc.

CRT 15 khz monitor:

The original 15 khz CRT Pinball 2000 monitors might need additional configuration and an older ATI video card (3xxxx-5xxxx) with VGA/DVI output. But not all ATI cards work! I use a cheap ATI 5450 and a 3870. if you looking for a used one, choose a card with a fan. Fanless ATI video cards can get very hot under Linux without the powerplay drivers.

15 khz configuration:

The script expects that the CRT monitor is connected to the VGA-0 port of the video card.

If you use another port, you have to change all strings "VGA-0" in the script to your port name - e.g. VGA-1, VGA1, VGA0, DVI-1 ...

Open a terminal (right click on the desktop for the little start menu, then click Terminal)

Type: xrandr --listmonitors

Monitors: 1
0: +*VGA-1 1440/381x798/211+0+0 VGA-1

In this case, there is only one monitor connected to VGA-1

Test your configuration with the cript. You may have to move a window around the edges of the screen, in order to see the window on the CRT monitor. The Pinball 2000 monitor has usually a smaller resolution und shows only a part of the "bigger" pc monitor.

With an older computer and/or a slow harddrive you may have to increase the figure behind "sleep" in the script nucore/scripts/! Start with 10 or 15. (This is the timer for the countdown to start the 15 khz modeline after starting Nucore.)

German thread ( ... te.197427/

--- Bugs

+ USB bug:
- press F1 to leave Nucore, press the right mouse button on the desktop and select the terminal. Type:

sudo apt-get remove usbmount # then press return

v003 (test version): This version still uses suid, which will be removed later via udev. No firewall iptables configuration yet.
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Re: Nucore Debian package for Lubuntu 18.04

Post by Chuck » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:32 pm

Thanks for creating this.

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