Stupid Question

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Stupid Question

Post by ErikvS » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:43 pm

I have a stupid question.
Am modifying my p2000 at the moment to have my lcd getting power from the old monitor power cable.
However when I use a multimeter to measure if everything is wired OK I get a strange reading.
The 2 wires that supply the juice give a short circuit ...
Can't believe that that is normal. That is the black wire and the yellow wire (not the green that is ground)
Anyone that has the same readings? Don't want to blow up my transformer :(
looking at the pinball 2000 power schematic I see that 110V is using pin 1-3 on the transformer and that it is indeed a loop. So I powered it up without any problems :)
No I can continue getting the nucore in the original case :D

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