Issues during league meeting

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Issues during league meeting

Post by Troz » Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:38 pm

I hosted the Orange County Pinball League on Sunday, and had two issues reported to me. I had Star Wars in my machine for the meeting, running version 2.0.

1) The game completely locked up. I witnessed the lockup and had to turn on/off the machine to get it running again. None of the buttons would respond, including the coin door buttons. This was during the first hour of warm-up, and it did not happen for the remainder of the night (7+ hours).

2) I did not witness this, but was told that during the second game of the night on Star Wars, the jukebox came up immediately upon player 1's first ball draining on a 4-player game. The players eventually had the courage to press the start button (I was on another game at the time), which exited the jukebox, and play resumed with player 2. I've never had this happen to me personally.



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Re: Issues during league meeting

Post by Chuck » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:04 pm

Thanks for the feedback.

1) This does happen on rare occasions and it seems to happen just as you describe it. We encountered this in beta testing and ran all through the code and there were no issues. I think this is an issue that we'll have to occasionally deal with. The original system wasn't meant to be run on the internet and there are bugs in the original code that we can't fix since we don't modify the original code. Like you said a quick reboot fixes it.

2) This is a known bug and we are working on it. It only seems to effect SWE1 users and it's pretty rare. We'll hopefully have a fix soon.

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