Game will not start (PLAY) SWE1

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Game will not start (PLAY) SWE1

Post by Todd » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:01 pm

I have gotten to final step with the Nucore system. Every thing is up and running. I am now in attract mode and have made all the adjustments, tested all switches and coils. I close the coin door, the game reads "Free Play" .... Ready! I push the START Button.... Nothing. When I go back to test mode and push START button #13 in the switch matrix, the options come up on when I want tones to occur during switch test mode. If I hold #13 in and also hit the escape button, I can then see in the matrix that #13 is indeed closed. So if the start switch is working and Chuck tells me that Nucore is working, where do I check next? Where does the problem exist.

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