Nucore installation, user manual uppdate suggestions

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Nucore installation, user manual uppdate suggestions

Post by Walt »

I picked up my Nucore basic package yesterday from Terry at Pinball life and installed the software onto my computer last night.

Overall, things went pretty smoothly, but I did run into two problems that I think could have been avoided with some simple updates to the (already very good) user/installation manual:

1. The location of the ROMs is wrong in the user manual, and it took me a while to find them. Maybe I was just using the wrong search terms or something, but only after I started to look through all the posts on this forum did I finally find a similar question, and the new link:

The manual is 'on-line' anyways, so why not make that simple change and prevent a guy like me from having to search around?

2. I, too (and I say 'too' because it looks like at least two other people have run into this problem) could no longer run Firefox after the Nucore installation. In the end, I just started all over again with the installation of Linux, and then before installing Nucore I downloaded the ROMs and put them on the desktop, then proceeded with the Nucore installation. That simple change to the 'order of operations' made the fact that Nucore and Firefox wouldn't work together a moot point. Although it seems that the Firefox problems after the Nucore install are rare, I recommend hedging your bet and doing the ROM download first.

Other than those two relatively minor issues, everything went as expected. Tonight I hook up to my pin to see what happens.
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Re: Nucore installation, user manual uppdate suggestions

Post by Chuck »

That was a good suggestion and the new version is posted above.

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Re: Nucore installation, user manual uppdate suggestions

Post by monster-bash »

Hi guys,

I'm from Brazil and bought my NUCORE last year (October), at Terry's open house.
Today I started the instalation and, and everything is going just fine EXCEPT for the 2 problems listed by Walt:

1- Firefox just could not run anymore after Nucore install. Since I had already used linux before, I reinstaled Firefox I solved the problem.

2- Could not found the roms, since the manul poit them to a wrong place. Luckly I foud THIS post and got the roms from the right place......

Tomorow I'll try the setup with my RFM and let's see how it'll be !!!

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