Success reviving old Foxconn MB nucore system

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Success reviving old Foxconn MB nucore system

Post by Ross » Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:12 pm

I installed nucore v2.0 years ago (~2011), with a Foxconn motherboard that was recommended at the time. Last week the game would not boot.

I pulled the PC, and even the power supply fan would not start. I ordered a replacement power supply as a start, but that did not change anything. I looked around at replacement motherboards but there was no obvious choice, with an integrated parallel port.

Fortunately during my google searches I came upon a post from May 2018 on the web site. ( )

There they described my exact situation and the solution. They replaced the CMOS battery and that solved the issue. Like them, I had not seen a motherboard that would not boot due to a depleted CMOS battery, but I replace it and was back in business. I had to reset the CMOS config, per the instructions on the Peak post or the Nucore manual. But I’m back up and running!

I thought I’d post it here for any others that used that original recommended Foxconn motherboard, that end up with the same issue.


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