Nucore operation tips

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Nucore operation tips

Post by Chuck » Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:51 pm

1) DO NOT run anything in the background. You can run Nucore under the GDM and run other programs. Nucore uses all of one cpu core and a majority of the second. Running other applications will cause problems.
2) Ubuntu will run a disc check every 20 or so boots. This check will only take about 3 minutes and we suggest you let it run. It will correct any hard drive issues and help with stability.
3) Only load mp3 files in the Jukebox. The jukebox will not play other audio formats at this time.
4) USB Update - format your usb drive as fat32 on a windows machine (ntfs will not work.) If you attempt to connect a drive and run the update it may occasionally not recognize the drive. If this happens try the process again. Do no insert the USB before the machine prompts you. It will only detect the drive if you insert it when prompted. If you want a copy of your log files for troubleshooting purposes or just to make sure everything is working the usb update procedure copies them to your drive every time you do an update. As a matter of fact if you just want the log files run the update with nothing on the drive.
5) Do not attach a USB drive before you start the machine. Some machines have a BIOS issue with Linux and it will cause your multicore processor to show as a single core. This doesn't happen on all machines but we did encounter it.

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