How to configure jukebox to use a network share

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How to configure jukebox to use a network share

Post by Chuck » Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:16 pm

IMPORTANT - This is only for advanced linux users who understand linux networking. This guide assumes you already have a nucore machine connected to a network and that linux can see the shared music directory.

Once your Nucore machine is connected to a network share that contains mp3 files you will need to modify a file. The file is:


This file contains paths to music shares on your machine. The default share path is:


Whenever you want to add a new directory that the jukebox will search add a line to this file with a full path from / or a relative path to /root/nucore/bin. Now whenever you tell the jukebox to create a new playlist the jukebox will search these directories for music.

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