Picture too far left using ArcadeVGA

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Picture too far left using ArcadeVGA

Post by Chuck »

This doesn't occur in all instances but here is the fix provided by Menace if you are having this issue:
Hey guys, thought I'd chime in on this subject as I too had this issue with my original WG K7302 CRT and the ArcadeVGA. Here are the symptoms I ran into and the fix.

After installing my nucore PC with the AVGA I noticed right away that the pic was way too far to the left during boot as well as in game, and cranking the Horizontal Position pot on the remote control PCB didn't correct it. (image still too far to the left and missing partial image)

***NOTE*** Results may vary depending on the 'health' of your monitor. I take no responsibility for any results you may or may not obtain with the following.****

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you are using insulated adjustment tools when performing any of these steps! (I recommend using a set of TV tuning tools - which is what I used) Also, as you probably already know space is very tight in the head of a P2K machine. Be careful when poking around any of the HV stuff.

The WG K7302 has a switch that will allow the user to select which type of sync it uses, either + or -. From all the reading I had done prior to buying my RFM, I knew that the original monitor was setup back-asswards in terms of sync compared to the "norm" for use with the OEM PC, so I ended up pressing the sync switch to change the sync polarity (with the power off) and this brought the pic back to a usable horizontal position. Readjusted the horizontal position with the remote control PCB and life was good. Now, if you find that you just can't seem to get the pic centered horizontally no matter which way you have the sync switch set, there is a trim pot on the main chassis called Horz Osc. (located at the top right of the pcb when looking at it from the front of your game) This pot will allow you to move the raster horizontal position, and then use the remote horizontal position pot to tweak. Set your horizontal position pot on the remote pcb in the middle, then adjust the Horiz Osc pot until the image is roughly centered, then use the remote to tweak it as needed. (the Horiz Osc is just a 'rough' setting)

As for adjusting the horizontal size of the pic, there is another trim pot on the main chassis next to the flyback (upper left of the PCB when looking at it from the front of your game) and if I recall correctly it's call Horiz Size. If your image is too large or small you'll need to adjust this pot to get it dialed in just right.

I think I spent a total of 5 mins start to finish tweaking my CRT and I couldn't be happier with the results. Everything lines up perfectly, better than it did from the factory!

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Re: Picture too far left using ArcadeVGA

Post by tatty-adams »

Thanks for posting that, it solved my problem! :D
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