Update 10.11.10

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Update 10.11.10

Post by Chuck » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:11 pm

Things have been more than a little crazy lately. We had a huge problem with a batch of components for the USB boards. These problems were solved but because of the time spent solving them we will not be releasing version 2.0 before expo. It works and we'll actually be running it at Expo but we need testing and tweaking time before it goes out. It shouldn't be long after Expo. Hopefully no more than a couple of weeks. It will be well worth the wait. The tournament is still on and I hope to have the details and entry forms available by the end of the week. Remember, you do need to be present at our seminar to enter the tournament. Games will be played Friday evening and all day Saturday. I'm actually working on code now so I need to go.

See you at Expo!

p.s. yeah, we'll also address recent WB rumors ;-)

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