Update 05.21.08

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Update 05.21.08

Post by Chuck » Wed May 21, 2008 8:09 pm

Don finished tweaking the code for the ROM reader and it's done. Pretty amazing piece of work. His work now is focused on the custom hardware. We have pretty much nailed down what we want to do and I think we have a pretty awesome solution.

Steve finished the code he's been working on for the last few weeks and it's also pretty amazing. The only bad news is Steve's new code revealed that one of the libraires we used was basically garbage. So, after much discussion Steve will create his own version of the library that will be far superior. It's a setback but in the end it's really a huge step forward. It's a setback in the sense that Steve will probably be busy for the next week re-creating code we already had. The huge step forward is the new module will be written specifically for our purpose and will be much better in all ways.

So the video is delay a little more but it shouldn't be too long ;-)

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