Update 02.05.09

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Update 02.05.09

Post by Chuck » Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:05 am

We have a watchdog app that loads and monitors Nucore (I think I mentioned it before.) I added a little code to perform a test. It starts Nucore, goes through IPL, lets the game run for a bit, shuts down, and then restarts to repeat the whole process. I started the test yesterday and by this morning it had gone through 3849 iterations of the test and was still going. We had tested Nucore by leaving the machine on for days but had never tested cycling until now. This means there appears to be no bugs that occur after thousands of plays. This is important because we update files while Nucore runs.

I said once we run for a few weeks with no error we would start beta. It's been three weeks since a crash occurred (which was fixed.) So we will officially start beta with the next release. Before you get too excited we will not be taking any new testers at the moment. We want to finish some legal things we are doing and then we will add more testers. Quite frankly it's my opinion that the software is ready for release because it has been incredibly stable. We will run the beta test for at least a month to make sure we get time testing the hardware. Who knows we might find a bug or two along the way.

Please don't send emails asking to be part of the beta test yet. I will post when we are ready to take applications.

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Re: Update 02.05.09

Post by tanthony » Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:07 pm

I've been following the web site and finally had a chance to listen to the Pinball Expo recording where you guys covered Nucore. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the legal aspects to finish being sorted out, so this can officially make it to market. I have RFM and a SWE1 kit so I do hope to be so lucky as to be a Beta tester or an early buyer of the finished product. My SWE1 kit is NOS and I probably won't try to install it until I have Nucore.... so that's one thing that makes me very much look forward to it.

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