Update 03.27.09

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Update 03.27.09

Post by Chuck » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:06 pm

Well, we thought the audio amps were done until we found a minor, but annoying noise issue in some situations. Don knows how to solve the problem and should have a fix soon. The usb board is ready for testing (I should have mine in a couple of days.) The nice thing about digital boards is they usually work or don't work. Hopefully there are no issues. While Don's worked on hardware I've been tweaking everything. I've removed 5 or 6 settings we let the beta testers experiment with to make sure the emulation was as accurate as possible. Tonight, I believe, I have finally solidified the last variable. After this release I hope to put it to bed.

Pre-orders have slowed down (which was expected.) A lot of people are waiting for the complete kit. I'm very happy with that side of things. With any luck maybe we'll be able to surprise the pre-order people with an early release =)

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