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Update 04.09.09

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:31 pm
by Chuck
I just got the last parts for our latest test box today. Highlights are:

Core2 duo 2.8 (although it's reporting as 2.6 from the motherboard - I'll take a look at that later)
Intel integrated graphics.

It's running great. Faster than my athlon X2 6000. It was about 50 bucks more. That's the new entry level core2 duo and I bet the older/slower core2 duo chips should also run fine.

Don is actually stopping by in a few minutes (he lives 2 hours away.) We're going to go over a couple of quick things and he'll be on his way. GameRoom magazine did a very nice article on Nucore that will be out in the next issue (may I think.) Also watch for a 1.5 hour interview with me on the silverball podcast.