Update 05.29.09

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Update 05.29.09

Post by Chuck » Sat May 30, 2009 8:17 pm

First hardware. The audio amp board design is done. We were hearing some computer noise on certain computers and tried to filter it, lift the ground, nothing worked well. Come to find out this is a very common problem with computers and audio amps and it's probably the main reason you never see audio amps installed in computers. We've fixed it by supplying an external power supply which will take care of all the audio issues. It may drive the audio amp price up slightly but if it does people who have pre-ordered will get it at the original price. If it did drive the price up it probably wouldn't be more than 15 bucks (estimate right now.) The USB adapter final (hopefully) boards are in and will be ready for assembly this week. So if all goes well the electronics are finished. We're still working on the case and hope to have news soon.

The weird, hard to replicate, audio bug was indeed fixed. One of my happier moments, Don was relieved too because if that didn't fix it the code was going to him next =) We have a good solution for the USB update issue we had. A new slant on how to trap USB inserted hardware on any mounting point (not as easy as it may sound.) I'll implement that in the next week.

Now it's off to watch the Red Wings kill some penguins!


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