Update 06.12.09

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Update 06.12.09

Post by Chuck » Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:06 pm

Taking a second in between periods (go wings!)

Don and I didn't like how the USB updater worked so we re-wrote it. It's really easy to use which is important. You'll be able to update the game code and load new mp3 files from any usb compatible drive. Don also finished tweaking the bootloader for our USB board so we'll be able to provide updates for it also. Just tonight I tar'ed up all the code for Beta release .98. I don't see us doing more than a couple more releases before go-live. Here's our current status:

code: 99.5% - it will be finished in the next couple of weeks after testing and tweaking
USB Board - The first batch has been assembled and the code should be complete. Final testing starts next week.
Audio amp - Final design is finished. We will be providing an external power supply to eliminate any possibility of noise due to crappy pc power supplies. The will be send off for production in the next week.
Case - getting ready to have the first prototype made.

All-in-all everything is going well.


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