Update 06.17.09

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Update 06.17.09

Post by Chuck » Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:36 pm

Here it is, the final Nucore Interface Board


On the left is the USB connector that will connect the board to the computer. On the right is the future expansion port for all sorts of cool future goodies (new Bill Ung mod, a real knocker, etc.) The board will store all of the non-volatile data pin 2000 machines create. The battery will theoretically last 25 years and can be easily replaced by the user. J2 is a feature Don wanted from the beginning. If you connect a switch to J2 toggling that switch will invert the pin2000 screen. This will make reading the monitor much easier while working on it. Another customer of ours suggested this feature also ;-) Don did a great job on this one. Other than a few minor suggestions this board is all his design.

I created finished the first draft of the installation manual. There are about 40 some odd screen shots visually walking you through every step of the installation process. Hopefully this will make installation very easy (our testers would have loved this months ago.)

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