Update 07.25.09

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Update 07.25.09

Post by Chuck » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:47 pm

So, set the wayback machine to last Saturday. I sent out the last Beta release .99 to the testers. I was sure it was a walk in the park... WRONG! I get two new bug reports. One was easy, five minute fix. The other one was fixed two hours ago :p It was an obscure bug that has been around for three months. I'm not sure anyone had run into it until last week. Don and I spent every hour of spare time we had trying everything. We actually re-engineered the jukebox, all for the better I might add, and that didn't fix it. Finally today, when I was ready to perform seppuku I called Don to run over everything. Talking to him on the phone I finally saw it, one line of code :p Nothing like working til the last second. The install discs will be burned tomorrow and Fedex'ed to Pinball Life overnight so they can hopefully ship out Tuesday.

The immense amount of work that went into getting this out is crazy. After two plus years, a few less hairs, and ulcer medicine this thing is DONE! *cue the fanfare*


p.s. i confirmed we will be doing a seminar at expo again this year so reserve your room soon ;-)

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Re: Update 07.25.09

Post by digger47 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:27 pm

Fantastic !!!

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