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Update 08.18.09

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:27 pm
by Chuck
We will be shipping our next batch of product to Pinball Life next
week. We are shipping enough to fill all orders and as of right now
there will be two extra units for stock. We expect to have the final
custom case by Friday and if everything is correct I should be able to
provide pricing on Nucore Complete next week. Since release we've
found one very rare and minor bug, which is already fixed. Everyone
who has posted on their setup is very happy. If you purchased Nucore
and haven't posted on our forum please do. We would like to know how
everything is going.

On the development side we are working on emulating the online
tournament mode. Connecting a nucore machine to a tournament server
will most likely be much easier than what you have to go through to
connect an original machine. We have no release date but I will post
on our forums with updates.