Nucore 2.0 Installation Instructions

Please post all tournament mode/networking questions or information here.
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Nucore 2.0 Installation Instructions

Post by Chuck » Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:25 pm ... nstall.pdf

The pdf contains the installation and tournament mode use instructions. Please note that we will not provide phone or email support for tournament mode issues. Please post all of those issues here.

The two most important things to remember:

1) The tournament mode support in the original software is not perfect. There are known bugs and you will probably run into those bugs. They will not damage your system and they are usually solved by restarting the emulator.

2) The default tournament server is one we are hosting. It's not in a data center and it will probably go down on occasion. If you have connected to the server and suddenly can't wait for a while and try again. If we have extended down times I will try to post them here.

3) Please make sure to follow the instructions exactly! The biggest problem we had during testing was users not following the instructions.

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