Big Guys Pinball LLC was created by three guys who love pinball, Steve Ellenoff, Chuck Hess, and Don Weingarden.  More importantly, by three guys who love the Pinball 2000* system. Steve Ellenoff is an expert when it comes to pinball emulation as he led the PinMAME team for nearly 8 years before retiring.  Chuck Hess is a software engineer who has written a number of video games and has expertise in code optimization and software architecture.  Don Weingarden is an electronics/software engineer and has led teams creating successful consumer electronic devices.

Together they formed Big Guys Pinball LLC and have recently revealed their first product; the NUCORE system. The NUCORE system’s original intent was to precisely emulate the computer in the Pinball 2000 platform. After achieving this goal the team began to realize the huge potential it had in expanding on the original functionality instead of just serving as a simple and inexpensive replacement. NUCORE breathes new life into an already legendary pinball platform. NUCORE will also open the door to amateur pinball designers and allow them to customize and create new functionality for existing games or build entire new games altogether.

Chuck, Steve, and Don would like to thank you for your interest and can’t wait to show you what the future holds.