Update 04.16.09

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Update 04.16.09

Post by Chuck » Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:43 am

Don Turned 45 Yesterday. I turn 42 next Tuesday. Born less than a week apart. We both program. We both play guitar. We both thought this project was going to be 100x easier than it actually was =)

Our watchdog code is working. Even though the original game software has watchdog code we decided it would be a good idea to add our own. We monitor our own code about 4 times a second to make sure it's running. If it ever stops we reboot the emulator. So far no reboots (other than the ones I forced to test the code.) I put my RFM playfield back in the game (thank God!) I was going to bring Star Wars but one of our alpha testers offered to bring his machine. So there will actually be two nucore machines at PATZ. My machine running a LCD monitor and the beta testers machine running an original CRT. You'll have to come to the show to find out who he is.

There is really only one issue with the code right now. The USB update (just added recently) is acting a little strange at times. We have to add more code to handle the funky way linux registers usb devices. We'll clean that up after PATZ. Not a single crash reported by our testers in over a couple months I believe. We're still dealing with hardware issues on both devices. Don thinks he has a good fix for the ground loop issue on the audio amp. The USB board actually works pretty well. We still need to do more testing on it though.

Hope to see some of you at PATZ. Sunday morning (6am) I'm flying to Disney World with the family for a long overdue vacation.


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