Q: What does NUCORE stand for?
A: NUCORE - New Updatable Complete Original Replacement Environment.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Prices are on pinballlife.com

Q: When will they be available?

Q: What components from the old computer will I still need?
A: You won't need any of the existing pinball 2000 computer components; our solution is a 100% drop in replacement.

You can, however, opt to keep the existing audio amplifier board to save a bit on price. We will allow you to specify if you want our replacement amp or not. Once we've finalized the installation process we will post a FAQ later on how to use it with our hardware and what level of technical skill will be required to do so.

Q: Will I need a prism board?
A: No. If you have a spare one you might want to sell it soon ;-)

Q: Will your solution work with the original arcade monitor?
A: Yes. It should actually work a little better as we will offer additional controls to adjust monitor quality.

Q: Can I use a newer monitor with your system?
A: Yes. You can use any pc compatible monitor including LCD monitors. The only limitation is that the monitor will have to fit in the PB2000 head and you'll need to find a way to mount it.

Q: Will I be able to buy a complete drop-in replacement for my computer?
A: Yes. We will offer a "complete" plug and play unit that anyone could install even for people who are not comfortable with computers. We will be providing installation videos in addition to the manual to show how easy it is to install.

Q: Will I be able to buy just your software and hardware and use my own computer?
A: Yes, as long as the computer meets the minimum requirements of our system. We will release full specs once finalized of what is required and what is recommended. Please note though, that we will not be able to offer support if you build it yourself. We will certainly try to answer questions in the forum when we have the chance, but generally you'll be on your own if you run into problems.

Q: Is your product 100% faithful to the original software?
A: Yes it is running the exact same game software (game rom images), so it will play exactly as the original does if not better.

Q: I have a fully working PB2000 machine. Why would I want your solution?
A: There are a number of compelling reasons to purchase the nucore system. Click HERE for a comparison of the original hardware and nucore.